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Material Harvest 2010 catalogue - click here

The Material Harvest 2010 catalogue is now available to download. Prices for the products mentioned herein are quoted throughout our web page. To request a hard copy of our catalogue, or to find out more about the academic and bulk buy discounts that we offer, please contact us by email.


Luknova Flash and SPE Cartridge catalogue - click here

Material Harvest are proud to be in partnership with Luknova Inc. - suppliers of flash chromatography consumables and their accessories.

Luknova design, produce and distribute high-performance pre-packed flash columns, solid load columns, solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges and column adaptors. The Luknova pre-packed cartridges and columns are available with the following sorbents:

  • Normal phase silica gel (60 Å, mesh 230 - 400)
  • Reverse phase (C18) silica (23% carbon content; 60 Å, mesh 230 - 400)
  • Amine-functionalised silica (8% amine content; 60 Å, mesh 230 - 400)
  • Cyano-functionalised silica (8.5% cyanopropyl content; 60 Å, mesh 230 - 400)
  • SAX-functionalised silica columns (8% SAX content; 60 Å, mesh 230 - 400)
  • SCX-functionalised silica (11% SCX content; 60 Å, mesh 230 - 400)
  • Coming soon: alumina columns (acidic, neutral or basic) and Florisil® columns

Please contact us for a quote or to request a hard copy of the catalogue.


SiliCycle 2008 catalogue - click here

SiliCycle is a major player in chromatography and the world leader in functionalised silica gels for organic synthesis and purification. SiliCycle's products include:

  • SiliaBond® supported reagents and scavengers
  • SiliaFlash® stationary phase silica and SiliaSphere® spherical silica gels
  • SiliaSep® Flash cartridges for automated synthesis and purification
  • SiliaPrep® solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges
  • SiliaPlate® thin layer chromatography (TLC) plates
  • IMPAQ® preparative silica gels


Sorbent selection chart - click here

Organic synthesis has been applied on the development of pharmaceutical compounds, materials for optoelectronic devices and architecturally challenging natural products. The structural diversity of these products is matched only by the breadth in their chemical and physical properties; thus, it is impossible to engineer a single stationary phase that can separate any molecule from its crude synthetic mixture.

Our sorbent selection chart (available in windows metafile format) indicates how appropriate stationary phases can be identified based on the properties of your synthetic compound(s).


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