Silica Products
Silica Gels for column
Florisil® for column
Reverse Phase Silica
Functionalised Silica Gels
Silica-Bound Reagents
Silica-Bound Scavengers
Flash and SPE products
Silica for Food and Drink
Type A and Type C Gels
TLC plates
Silica Gel Desiccants
Carbon Fibre Products
Fine Chemicals


Material Harvest offers a range of silica-based products including:

  • Silica gel 60, reverse phase silica and Florisil® for column chromatography
  • Silica-bound reagents and scavengers for organic synthesis and purification
  • Regular and preparative thin layer chromatography (TLC) plates
  • Pre-packed flash cartridges and solid phase extraction (SPE) columns
  • Hydrogels & xerogels for beer stabilisation (preventing chill and haze development)
  • Silica products for use in the clarification of beverages and oils
  • Food additive grade silica for use as an anti-caking agent, thickener and stabiliser in food and pharmaceutical products
  • Desiccants including white silica beads and orange self-indicating silica granules


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